Maybe the quickest way to see how a certain task is performed is to watch a video where another individual reveals the exact steps you have to take. Specifically if you sign up for a new web hosting account without having ever used this kind of service previously, or if you have worked with a web hosting platform with some other user interface and aren’t acquainted with the way in which accounts are managed on the new one. A tutorial video can show you the easiest and fastest way to perform a specific task within your web hosting account, sparing you the trouble of exploring various options till you find the one that you in fact need, or of reading lengthy help articles, which can sometimes be ambiguous as to where you need to go and what you need to click.
Video Tutorials in Cloud Hosting
Our cloud hosting services come with a custom-created hosting Control Panel, which is an amazingly easy and intuitive to use, which goes to say that you won’t have any trouble doing anything you prefer. Even so, we have prepared a rich video library that contains loads of tutorial movies dedicated to each and every section of the Control Panel and the functions that can be accessed through it. If you want to discover how to create a brand new MySQL database or to pick some other PHP version for the account, for example, you can check the exact steps you have to undertake. We have gone the extra mile – we have shot different instructional videos as well in order to offer you a tip as to what access and error logs are, or what CPU load is, for instance. You can browse through all the available tutorials at any time, or you can see only the ones that are relevant to a specific section of the Control Panel.